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Lauren Nielsen

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner


The Work. Shadow Work. Inner Child. Ego. Limiting Beliefs. Ancestral Trauma. Bloodline Trauma. Inherited Patterns. Awakening. Ascension.    


The world is awakening to the truth that we are energetic beings and that everything is energy.  As you come to understand that your emotions are also energy, you begin recognizing held emotions in the body. These trapped emotions lower your overall frequency and this is where dis-ease begins. Utilizing muscle testing and energetic mapping, we identify where patterns of energy are held and begin shifting the vibration of the story to a higher timeline.

About Me

My name is Lauren Nielsen. My own healing and transformative experiences with the
Emotion and Body Code have forever changed my life and I am passionate about sharing
this tool so that others may also unlock their highest potential. I obtained certification in
Emotion Code in 2017. Emotion Code is the vehicle through which I assist myself and
others in finding wholeness, balance, and groundedness. Emotion Code activates
awareness and gently assists in re-membering your Light Body ascension.



The Emotion Code and Body Code


Energy Healing 

One of the most wonderful and powerful aspects of energy healing is that it can be done anywhere on anyone who is anywhere in the world. 



Hey Lauren,
Thanks for yesterday - the visit, the talking and especially the
treatment.  Today I am more light-hearted than I remember being for
years.  And I feel like joyfulness is once again a possibility.

Again, Thank you.            R.

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